Mama Sara Vaughn is an Emmy nominated Professional Makeup Artist and Esthetician. She is my go to oilist and has recently launched her new business, Sara Vaughn Skincare. Her little is 11 months old (our babes were born weeks apart), and she was kind enough to share her bath time secrets with us. Thank you Sara and Charlie girl!

1 | What type of baby wash do you use for Charlie? 

"We use California baby (the calming one) and the “lavender” honest company baby wash."  

2 | Do you use anything beside baby wash in the bath water?

"I put a hand full of Epsom salt and a drop of lavender Doterra essential oil. I also use baby organics bubble bath for some fun bubbles!

3 | What type of lotion/oil are you using after bath? 

"I put “lavender” honest company lotion (a quarter size amount) with two pumps of beauty counter baby oil, in addition to two drops of serenity Doterra oil, and two drops of cedar-wood Doterra oil. Mix it in my hand and rub it all over her body.  

We then move into a baby massage. Depending on how tired she is, will determine how long our “massage” and after bath time routine runs. I do feel however it is important to have her settle down and relax as we go towards bedtime. We begin the massage after I put the lotion mixture on, I start on her back - then proceed to legs - following front, chest and arms. I always think about how she is growing so much, exploring, using all of her muscles to stand and crawl, so I make sure to massage the legs, arms and back really well (She is always standing and playing while I’m doing this). I then massage her tummy to help with digestion. 

Lastly, I put lavender or serenity on the top (the crown) of her head and bottoms of feet, concentrating on her “little” big toes. (In Chinese Medicine the big toe emulates her brain).

We are now ready for bed!"






Brooke Windsor