My dear mama friend and Brooklyn artist Taryn Urushido is 4 weeks postpartum with a beautiful baby girl. Nestled in their NY apartment for the winter, I had to know what she was up to in regard to self care. Her list includes 4 simple tasks that this newborn mama is cherishing. 

" 1. Going to the grocery store: That personal time is so unexpectedly but truly mine and so personal- deciding which cereal or cheese to buy and browsing the seasonal fruit and vegetables is my quiet time. I’ve stepped out to the store a handful of times while my husband watches the babe. I don’t take my time like I used to, but I enjoy the moment every time I get it.

2. New, well fit bra: My “new” bra purchases early in my pregnancy became sleeping bras and now they are breastfeeding and pumping bras! New found respect for what my breasts can do and they deserve a nice new bra in the near future.

3. Brushing my teeth: I’ve lost track of time and usually go to bed brushing my teeth for the first time that day. Now 4 weeks postpartum, I am starting to remember a couple times a week to brush in the morning. 

4. A shower. If my husband is home, I can take up to 2 in the day. This is almost as good as a nap!"

Thank you Taryn for sharing with us! Especially when you only have minutes to spare in a day.

Sending all our love,


Brooke Windsor