a little bit about me...

My background is in styling and visual presentation. I spent the last 11 years in New York City living + working. I studied art/design at the Fashion Institute of Technology and then went on to pursue a career in the corporate world as a women's stylist. The amazing, creative people I met along the way fueled my obsession with visual presentation and the art of creating spaces with intention.

Fast forward one MILLION steps, and I landed in Nashville, Tennessee with my husband and now baby bird Amelia. Nothing has changed.

I am still OBSESSED with creating calming spaces (amongst the crazy baby noise), only now, I want to do it for mamas. Mamas who work full time, mamas who haven’t slept in months or mamas who simply don’t have the time to curate and set up pre or post motherhood. BWL is here to take a few things off your plate.